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Pet Rules and Guidelines for Beachcomber Vacation Rental Cottages

- There is a 2 pet limit per room maximum.
- We will happily provide 1 water and 1 food bowl per room if needed
- No barking is allowed and you are expected to tone down a noisy pet
- Pets are NOT allowed on beds or furniture
- Pets are NOT to be left unattended at any time on the property
- No Pets washed or dried inside the room
- No Pets are allowed to "stay" in vehicles
- Do not use room towels on pets (pet towels are provided for this at the office)
- Pets must be supervised when outside at all times
- Owners must pick up after their pets
- You are expected to sweep the floors prior to checkout.
- Beachcomber Cottages is NOT responsible for your pet - please keep that in mind during your stay.

- When you make a reservation and stay with us you are agreeing you both understand and agree to comply with any and all pet rules mentioned.

Additional charges may apply for failure to comply with “pet rules” as well as possible eviction from the hotel and any future booking with us.

Remember to keep allowing pets on our premises it is up to the pet owners to be responsible.  We reserve the right to enforce these guidelines and stop accepting pets at any time without notice. 

As always established and properly documented service animals (not companion pets) are always accepted at the Beachcomber Cottages without a pet fee.

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